Monday, March 13, 2006

Welcome home Steve...welcome home.

Steve Harvey is the new Mr. Clean: "....last summer in Atlanta, he stepped onstage in front of 16,000 churchgoing folks at the Bishop T.D. Jakes annual Mega Fest conference.

'You can't be any more scared than that. I've had some traumatic stuff in my life, but I've never been more nervous, more jittery, more anxious about anything. It was tough,' says Harvey, who can be heard weekday mornings on WMXD-FM (92.3). 'I was thinking, 'This could go bad for me. This could just not work.' A lot of these jokes, I'd never done anywhere before. I'd just wrote the stuff for that night. But it was church stuff. It was stuff I knew. Then I took some jokes about subjects I want to get into, but keep it clean and not offend these people.'

He originally filmed the 74-minute comedy concert with hopes of putting it out on DVD. But his show went over so well, it's getting a studio release and is set to open Friday on 11 metro Detroit screens."


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